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Sick Care or Hospitalization


If you notice sudden changes in your pet’s behavior, it could be an indication that something is affecting their health. Certain illnesses may require sick care or hospitalization. Family Veterinary Clinic understands that your pet is a valued and beloved member of your family, and we take the time and energy to provide the very best care.

Your pet will not be able to explain how it is feeling, and certain symptoms could be a sign of something serious. If your pet exhibits any of the following, sick care or hospitalization may be necessary. Call Family Veterinary Clinic immediately.


Serious Symptoms:


  • persistent vomiting
  • weakness/collapse
  • respiratory distress
  • pale mucous membranes (gums)
  • uncoordinated gait/stumbling or falling
  • inability to rise or get up
  • moderate to severe pain of any type
  • eye injuries/closed eye
  • bleeding that doesn’t stop or profuse bleeding
  • diarrhea that looks like blood,
  • unexplained bruising/bleeding,
  • distended painful abdomen
  • a seizure that is not stopping after 5 minutes

Should your pet need sick care/hospitalization, we make sure it is comfortable and calm. For especially tricky cases our doctors on staff will work together to analyze tests results and consult with other specialists to provide you an accurate diagnosis.

Our sick care unit is centrally located so that staff will be able to monitor your pet effectively. Emergency hospitalization is intensive, and we understand it requires additional attention/staffing/monitoring as things can change quickly, for better or worse.

We have heated kennels when necessary and an isolation area when needed. Your pet will always receive the individualized attention it needs. Additionally, we offer visitation so that you can see your pet during its hospital stay. Upon discharge, we formulate a personalized care regimen with concise directions for you to follow at home.


Some of the reasons hospitalization may be recommended are:


  • chronic conditions: kidney failure or diabetes/ketoacidosis
  • conditions that need i.v. fluid support: pancreatitis, vomiting/diarrhea
  • acute conditions: urinary obstruction, herniated and painful discs, trauma from car accident or fight wounds, ingestion of toxins
  • supportive care: trying to diagnose the cause of symptoms and then subsequently instituting specific treatment.

If you are new to our practice, or a concerned existing patient, we offer tours of our facilities. Once you witness our staff in action and view our beautiful, comfortable hospital zone, you will be convinced of the excellent care we provide. The entire staff works together because we want you to feel we treat your pet as well as you would!

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