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Digital X-Rays


When pets are injured or ill, getting a fast, accurate X-ray is often essential in developing a proper diagnosis and course of treatment. State-of-the-art digital X-ray machines, used in human medicine for 15 years, help facilitate expedited treatment.

Digital X-ray can produce images in seconds and does not require films to be developed. Since the unit is so fast, waiting times are reduced in general. In addition, if an animal has moved during an exposure the operator knows this quickly and can take another image right away.

In choosing this Fujifilm unit, speed was not the primary concern. The quality of the images was paramount to the veterinarians at FVC. The new digital X-ray takes very high-resolution digital images. The images can be zoomed in and out, and other features such as contrast can be adjusted to improve the view to aid the veterinarian in diagnosis. Digital X-rays offer other features not available with conventional technologies, such as the enhancement of different sized tissues in the same image and the suppression of noise, providing unprecedented image clarity.

Record storage and retrieval has always been a chore in the veterinary field. With this digital X-ray unit, the image data can be saved and backed up, making it available to the FVC veterinarians for later use at the push of a button.

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